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Commercial Registration Services 

Whether you oversee a large, medium, or small fleet, dealing with the DMV is inevitable. It's crucial to have a partner to efficiently meet your DMV requirements. Our dedicated staff processes your requests within minutes, ensuring swift resolution whenever a DMV issue arises. Whether you're in rental cars, construction, utilities, trucking, or delivery services, save time with no lines, instant request via phone or email, and a hassle- free experience.

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Commercial Registration Services 

Whether you hold the title of fleet manager, permit & licensing manager, or logistic coordinator, all these roles are intertwined, relying on the Department of Motor Vehicles for legal road operation. From DOT updates to IRP renewals and keeping registrations current, your operation involves various components. While some task are best kept in-house, outsourcing your commercial vehicle registration needs is, in my opinion, a wise decision. 


Speed In Processing 

Collaborating with our business significantly minimizes stress for your in-house team. In the realm of commercial vehicles, financial losses occur when they can't operate legally. We prioritize industry clients like you, ensuring a quick turnaround for requests, typically by the end of the day. In exceptional cases, we expedite the process immediately, ensuring your vehicles consistently generate revenue for you.


Why Choose to Do Business with EZ Auto Titles and Tags?

Commercial registration services provide direct access to the services you need, tailored to your specific requirements. This access serves as an extension of resources for your company. What sets us apart for our local industry clients is our emphasis on priority processing. What can our service offer you?


  • Easily place orders for renewal, transfer, or replacement inventory through telephone, email, form submission, or text message.

     Same-day fulfillment for replacement inventory requests, including single        tractor plates, trailer plates, and regular commercial and vehicle plates.

     Mobile VIN verification service available, coordinating inspections                        anywhere in North Carolina on the same day.

     Priority processing for transactions that can't be handled in-house,                      ensuring next-day processing at the DMV.

    Convenient form submissions and order tracking on our website.

    Multiple contact options for seamless communication.


Transforming the way Fleet Managers interact with the DMV.

  • Time savings

  • Cost savings

  • Headache reduction

  • Organize your desk by clearing DMV renewal registration notices

  • Streamline AP's desk by handling DMV renewal registration notices and checks

  • Remove the annual task of distributing stickers and registration cards

  • Consolidate your entire fleet into a single bill

  • Manage your fleet in manageable chunks on a month-to-month basis

  • Keep your fleet road-ready and updated with the DMV

  • Free up your time for more productive activities

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