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 EZ Auto Titles and Tags- DMV Simplified!


EZ Auto Titles and Tags is a automotive title and registration service to serve the public. EZ Auto Titles and  Tags is committed to eliminating the need for customers to have to deal with the DMV directly. Our company is dedicated to living up to the “EZ” part of our name. We strive to give our customers a seamless and smooth experience from the beginning of their transaction to the end, while providing excellent customer service and exceeding expectations. We have a full staff dedicated to serving all your DMV related needs: from the simple, like a instant registration renewal, to the complicated, like a bonded title. We are here to solve your DMV related problems and make it easy for you!

The DMV Experts you need to get it Done Fast!

Don’t Stand in Line, We have the Time! No longer need to stand in line for vehicle registration, title transfers, and or other car related transactions. EZ Auto Titles and Tags provides same day services to help dealers, fleet managers, and vehicle owners meet legal requirements quickly and easily, the way it should be. 

There is no more greater commodity than time – this is the one thing you cannot get back. Time in traffic, time waiting on phone waiting for a response from customer service or waiting to be attended to is a common issue many consumers face. No other place exemplifies this poor customer service experience better than the DMV.


  • Long lines

  • Getting the run around from staff about fixing your DMV related problem

  • Rude people who leave you with more questions than answers

EZ Auto Titles and Tags is the alternative to this. We give you back the time that you need to do the things you enjoy:

  • Spend more time with your family

  • Spend more time doing the hobbies and tasks you enjoy

  • Getting rid of your DMV problem – quickly and with no effort on your part

With many ways to reach us, give us a call, text or email us and we’ll get you started right away!

For Car Owners- Tired of waiting line line at the DMV? Let us do the work for you.

For Dealers- Selling a car? We can help you get paid sooner, with our quick turnaround DMV services.

For Fleets- We make sure you stay compliant and on the road so you don’t lose any money!

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