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Welcome to EZ Auto Titles and Tags!








Why do we charge a service fee?

We apply a service fee at EZ Auto Titles and Tags, Incorporated because we handle all the necessary work on your behalf, providing expedited concierge DMV services so you don't have to visit the DMV in person.


We guarantee!!!

EZ Auto Titles and Tags assures you efficient concierge DMV services, ensuring a streamlined process without unnecessary delays or time consumption. 


We’re the DMV Experts:

With over 15 years of experience in the car and DMV industry, our title specialist at EZ Auto Titles and Tags are seasoned professionals. Count on us to handle your registration and tag needs seamlessly, leveraging our expertise in the Department of Motor Vehicles' requirements, regulations and rules. Rest assured, with us, you won't face the hassle of delays or missing documentation. EZ Auto Titles and Tags ensures you'll never need to visit the Department of Motor Vehicles again- all from the comfort of your home.


If you decide to let EZ Auto Titles and Tags Assist you?

Should you opt for EZ Auto Titles and Tags assistance, follow these steps: 1. Schedule your appointment on, 2. Select the date, time and service, 3. Read terms and conditions, 4. Submit $20.00 deposit, 5. Check the email sent after scheduling for documentation needed per North Carolina DMV, 6. Drive safely to your appointment- we eagerly await assisting you.


How to Prepare for your appointment?

Prepare for your appointment by collecting the documents mentioned in the email you received when scheduling it.


What to Expect During Each Appointment?

Discussing each appointment, we'll review necessary documents for your DMV work and finalized your service fee payment.


After your Appointment:

Following your appointment, EZ Auto Titles and Tags allows a 24- business hour window for pick up (the next business day). Your DMV registration/tag will be ready for pick-up after 3pm. An invoice for the DMV state registration fees will be sent to you, and it must be paid on the same day you receive it before collecting your tag/registration.


EZ Auto Titles and Tags impose a service fee for each transaction involving our concierge DMV services. Our fees are solely per transaction, with no subscription fees, minimum transaction requirements, or contracts to sign. Please note that all our fees are in addition to state registration fees and shipping cost if requested. We are unable to provide information state registration fees until your title work is completed with the DMV.

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